Your kitchen is the heart of your home.  When considering a Kitchen Renovation, it should be approached with care and great planning.  Zen Living Kitchen & Baths has been involved with thousands of successful kitchen and bathroom projects over the years.  We’re known for our unique Zen perspective on the Art of Kitchen renovation.… Read more

Kitchen cupboards are  the most important part of any kitchen design or renovation project. As the most visually dominant feature, kitchen cupboards are likely to be one of the largest contributors to a kitchen design budget. There are two basic cabinets options to choose as a starting point, and each is suited to different budgets… Read more

Shopping for floor and wall cabinets can be an overwhelming experience. Cabinet manufacturers offer seemingly limitless options to choose from. Cabinet styles vary between faced or frameless, there are high- gloss lacquer finishes or traditional wood doors, and wood construction compared to laminates. To help you navigate through the maze of options, and distinguish quality… Read more

Your kitchen is the central place of your home.  It is where you will spend time cooking, eating, entertaining, and catching up with your family.  In fact, according to the Bureau for Labor and Statistics, the average family spends an hour in the kitchen every day eating and drinking.  Add that up over the course… Read more