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Zen Living & Good4U – In partnership for a better tomorrow.

Recycling Program

Zen Living is proud to announce an agreement with Good4U to provide the charitable organization with reusable cabinets and building materials from our job sites. This follows Zen’s commitment to supporting caring communities and helping to protect the environment.  Unfortunately, many good used cabinets and other building materials are thrown away in the landfill every day. At Zen we believe in salvaging these items whenever possible. And, we’re proud to be able to put them to good use by donating them to Good4U, a local charitable organization that sells recycled building materials in its stores.

Good4U – A Part of the Enterprise4 Good family!

Enterprise4Good is a charitable organization and a pioneer of the Social Enterprise model in Canada. Providing high-value programs and services that are financially self-sustaining, they don’t rely on fundraising and grants. Your donations help to create jobs and fund worthwhile programs right here in Calgary!  

Jobs and Opportunities for People Facing Challenges

Your cabinet donations create employment and volunteer positions for people with a variety of physical, mental, or social challenges who often struggle to find these opportunities.

 Recycle, Reuse, Reduce – Good4U & the Environment

Zen Living’s expert installers will carefully remove and deliver items that can be reused or repurposed to a Calgary Good4U location where they will be repurposed, retrofitted and resold.  Reusing the products that we have already bought keeps them away from the landfill, avoiding disposal charges while helping to reduce the economic and social costs of landfills.

Zen Living and Good4U are committed to working toward a cleaner and healthier environment by supporting the meaningful recycling and reuse of common household goods.