The Hampton Style Kitchen
The Hampton Style Kitchen | Young, Wild & Free

Hamptons style design. Originating from the architecture and understated elegance of classical beach homes of the Hamptons, New York, this design look is at once timeless and contemporary. With its use of natural elements and neutral colour schemes, a Hamptons kitchen can easily assimilate other design styles without losing its personality.

If you’re planning a new or renovated kitchen that is bright, airy, livable and features natural materials and elements, consider the Hamptons design style. This is a kitchen that flows effortlessly from cooking to relaxing to entertaining. It’s a place where everyone from the youngest member of the family to the folks from the office can feel comfortable. So, what design elements are integral to transforming your kitchen to the relaxing coastal feel of the Hamptons? Here are a few suggestions from our design team:

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A large island adds space for family or entertaining. Cabinetry under the island gives more storage possibilities.

Brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast.

Classic colour palettes: soft whites (think Oxford White), ivory, and pastels are the way to go. Accents of light blue and gray tones work exceptionally well. Whatever you choose, keep it light to achieve that “beachy” vibe.

Zen White Cupboards

Choose white or gray tile or marble backsplashes for a classic Hamptons look. Ceramic subway tiles used in interesting patterns are amazing.

White Cabinets Kitchen Design

Include natural elements; wood plank floors and quartz countertops; create a kitchen filled with natural light; short on windows? Consider skylights and undercabinet lighting. Choose LED and CFL bulbs that offer a bright white light that’s closer to direct sunlight; at 5000K and beyond, the light looks bluer, like a daytime sky.

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Oxford White Desk

A Hamptons kitchen reflects the spirit of an era of seaside resorts and lazy summer days; the classic architecture and interiors remain as desirable today as ever. Our professional designers will help you make the right choices for your kitchen; whether it’s French Provincial, Mid-Century Modern or full-out Hamptons style. Give us a call today, or drop by our location to speak with a designer and view Zen’s wide selection of cabinets and countertops. We guarantee the right design at the right price.

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