Solid Wood Cabinets

Zen Living Kitchen & Bath offers one of the largest selections of products in the market today, because we are both manufacturer and supplier. Our cabinet line includes solid woods, MDF painted, high-pressure laminates, acrylics & veneer doors. Hard rock Maple interiors are standard as are soft close doors and drawers. Offering clients different lead times gives the choice of even more savings.

Wood Cabinet Options

Hardrock Maple
Canadian hardrock maple is a straight grained and medium density wood, making it one of the most valuable timbers east of the Rocky Mountains. It’s so durable its used in the floors of basketball courts, butchers blocks and bowling alleys. Hardrock Maple is a favorite of cabinet makers for its durability and its smooth lustrous surface.

A medium density heartwood. Can be machined easily. Common Alder is native to Europe but is grown thought the northern hemisphere. Straight grain with a fine texture, Alder is an ideal choice for dry climates such as Calgary’s. Also used for wooden toys, broom handles and brush backs.

American White Oak
American White Oak is attractive and strong. It has phenomenal grain straightness, which is useful for woodworkers and artisans. Oak is highly durable to damp and insects and is used extensively in kitchen cabinet projects.

European cherry has a handsome figure and color, and is traditionally used for cabinet & furniture making because it’s ideal for steam bending and works well with hand tools.

Since the 17th century this beautiful timber has been used for high end cabinetry, furniture and can be found in gun stocks. This highly figured wood often forms a central core sharply defined from the remaining plain heartwood.