Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Mid Century Modern Kitchens

6 Ways You Can Make Your Kitchen Vibe Mid Century Modern!

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN – especially when it comes to designing and renovating your kitchen. I’m talking about the revival of Mid Century Modern kitchens decor in those beautiful ranch style Calgary houses built during the ‘50s. A simpler time when folks tried to forget about World War II and get on with life in suburbia. But, let’s face it you don’t want to live in a time capsule!  

Mid Century Modern Kitchens

Renovating a kitchen Mid Century Modern style is easy. Style-wise it’s strikingly flexible: opening up your design choices to mixing and matching with other influences – everything from classic to cutting-edge modern. Mid-Century Modern themes in the kitchen provide a sense of order and style: the design becomes the perfect marriage of your personal style preferences with a versatile MCM approach to design.

1. Cabinets

Consider making good use of open shelving, and clean, classic wood tones and white in all your cabinets.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen design is all about efficiency, and maximizing space, and the strategic use of colour. Consider making good use of open shelving, and clean, classic wood tones and white in all your cabinets. Acrylic White, an easygoing white cabinet lacquered look finish, is the top choice of designers and architects looking for that Mid-Century Modern look. Try bold Color Combos – make your whites pop by mixing with funky Shangrila orange or Red leather cabinets.

2. Natural Elements

The doctrine most associated with MCM design is the use of natural materials; an easy to give your space that 1950’s vibe.

The doctrine most associated with Mid Century Modern Kitchen design is the use of natural materials; an easy way to give your space that 1950’s vibe. Integral to a Mid Century Modern look without the unique feel of wood or engineered veneer elements. Choose natural stains in maple, oak, walnut, alder and cherry for the rich elegant look you want. 

Give your kitchen natural warmth and depth by choosing only the highest quality solid hardwoods and engineered veneers. Like the 50s style itself, each cabinet will have its own unique beauty.  So by incorporating natural wood finishes in your kitchen, you’ve chosen a time-honoured way to produce that unmistakable Mid-Century Modern feel.

“Eventually everything connects — people, ideas, objects…the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se…I don’t believe in this ‘gifted few’ concept, just in people doing things they are really interested in doing. They have a way of getting good at whatever it is.” 

― Charles Eames

3. Hardware

Look for sleekly profiled knobs and pulls that reflect the 50s devotion to simplicity and practicality.

Put the finishing touches on your cabinets by adding retro-look hardware. Look for sleekly profiled knobs and pulls that reflect the 50s devotion to simplicity and practicality.

Marathon Hardware

4. Furnishing

Stick with clean simple lines to create a

Photo Credit :  Hive Modern classic 20th century design by Eero Saarine

With the machine aesthetic, modern furniture easily came to promote factory modules, which emphasized the time-managing, efficient ideals of the period. Modernist design was able to strip down decorative elements and focus on the design of the object in order to save time, money, material, and labour. The goal of modern design was to capture timeless beauty in spare precision.

An iconic Eames chair

5. Curios

Look for sleekly profiled knobs and pulls that reflect the 50s devotion to simplicity and practicality.

Photo Credit : Hip Haven

To achieve that 50s-60s feel, choose toss pillows in boldly coloured flower, fruit or abstract designs. Colourful melamine dishware and bowls can be picked up for a song at most thrift shops. Search out some Atomic and Space-age inspired motifs, often found on glassware – who can forget the iconic Corning Atomic Starburst coffee pot? Dot a few retro-style vases and globe sphere table lamps around and voila, you’ll have aced the Mid-Century Modern look.

Mid Century Pattern on Pillow

6. Tile

a minimalist approach using geodesic shapes and patterns.

Photo Credit :  Mod Walls

Bright colours geodesoic shapes and neat patterns. Use bold colours to make a your backplash pop with 1950’s wow.

Or take a minalist approach using a geodesoic shapes and patterns. Mosaic to meet your MCM vibe. Lush colourful and out of this world.

7. Lighting

Lighting is an inexpensive and easy way to dramatically change your space.  Mid Century Modern lighting ranges from Ikea Paper Latterns to hand crafted textured-steel chandelier by Lou Blass.  Playing with geometic forms, sleek lines and wide range of  post war materials, polymers and acyrillics.

Photo Credit :  Herman Miller
George Nelson Bubble Lamps, designed by George Nelson, were introduced in 1952 by Herman Miller, to great acclaim. The quintessentially mid-century modern lamps were originally inspired by Swedish design and are versatile and accessible, highlighting and illuminating interiors. The Bubble Lamps are in MoMA’s permanent collection in New York and has ceiling lights, floor and table lamps and wall sconces available.



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