Kitchen Remodeling Tips For Real-estate Investors

To flip your property as quickly as possible, choose properties with kitchens that have or can be remodeled to have the following highly sought after features:

Open Plan

Kitchen walls are coming down, sometimes to expand the rooms into the adjacent spaces, and sometimes to make the transition between rooms more fluid. Visual dividers – such as a taller section of island that hides the sink, or a change in ceiling height give the kitchen an identity of its own without completely closing it off from the adjoining spaces.

Social Seating

The breakfast nook is disappearing, not because it isn’t useful but because it is too remote. Seating in today’s kitchens is about being in the thick of things – gathering and socializing where the food is prepared. Bar stools or chairs around the island will help sell the kitchen.

Wine Racks

Wine racks and bar fridges because the party is always in the kitchen! Not only does a wine rack add an interesting design feature to the space. This island corner saves precious sqft.

Center Island

Most people want one, but if your kitchen is too small, don’t squeeze one in anyway. Instead, add a narrow console on wheels or a small butcher block table that can be easily moved out of the way as necessary.

Zen Living

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional styling creates a classic, timeless look with flowing, elegant, even ornate lines reflecting historical furniture. Colors are rich but muted, creating a warm stylish and comfortable atmosphere. View Gallery>

Modern Kitchens

Sleek, clean, and minimalist with straight lines and geometric curves, the modern design appears both asymmetrical and balanced. Innovative materials help create a bold, fresh feel that pushes the design envelope. View Gallery>

Bathroom Cabinets

A custom built vanity compliments any bathroom design. Sturdy door and drawer construction built with durability to withstand the morning rush. Craft the perfect bathroom vanity to make your mornings less chaotic. View Gallery>