So I Am Going To Be My Own General Contractor

I’m Going To Be My Own General Contractor

We all know someone like this, maybe a friend or relative.  They decided to “cut out the middleman” on their home renovation project.  They were gonna be their own contractor. Certainly, there are lots of projects where this person’s talents and skills fit the bill.  But when it came to being a general contractor – not so much.

The organization, patience and the complexities of product knowledge required to run your own job are not for the amateur.  Sure, you can save a lot of money by being your own contractor; however, if it’s not done properly you’ll be out both a lot of time and a lot of money. And, remember that as your own contractor you’ll be responsible for liability insurance, arranging for blueprints and specifications and putting your job out for bids. 

So before you leap into the task, take a few minutes to consider the consequences of your decision. Do you really have the time to handle the myriad details of your project? Begin with taking this quiz to size up your potential as a general contractor. Be honest ,if you’re scoring all 10s – you’re a natural, but if you’re somewhere between a zero and a five, you seriously need to consider hiring a professional.