Black Kitchen Cabinets Calgary

Black Kitchen Cabinets

From sleek black kitchen cabinets to dramatic accent walls, countertops, mosaics and beyond, the colour black is making a statement in stylish homes all over Calgary and throughout Alberta. While white remains a timeless choice when designing an elegant kitchen it appears that black may soon become the new white in kitchen design as a savvy generation of homeowners looks to personalize their spaces with bold designs and an eclectic palette of colours.

When you start incorporating other design elements you start to realize just how versatile black cabinets are, says Zen Living designer Kaili.  “I find black gives you flexibility when it comes to designing a space because it blends with almost everything, giving you unlimited styles to choose from”.

Zen living can provide custom black cabinets in a variety of styles and finishes. For more information on a full selection of cabinet finishes please contact a Zen Living kitchen design consultant to discuss the wide array of options for your black kitchen.