NKBA- National Kitchen + Bath Association

Zen Living Kitchen & Bath is a NKBA member. The National Kitchen & Bath Association is the world’s leading trade organization and thought leader for all sectors of residential kitchen and bath design and remodeling. The Association strives for excellence and maintaining the highest standards across the industry, in business, design and execution. NKBA stands for modern elegance, the elevation of design, refined luxury and good taste — at any price point. Sophisticated and savvy in its intelligence-gathering and communication to the industry, the Association seeks to inspire an exchange of ideas, innovative thinking and spirited discourse. Passionate and principled, [...]

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Zen Living & Good4U – In partnership for a better tomorrow.

Zen Living & Good4U - In partnership for a better tomorrow. Recycling Program Zen Living is proud to announce an agreement with Good4U to provide the charitable organization with reusable cabinets and building materials from our job sites. This follows Zen’s commitment to supporting caring communities and helping to protect the environment.  Unfortunately, many good used cabinets and other building materials are thrown away in the landfill every day. At Zen we believe in salvaging these items whenever possible. And, we’re proud to be able to put them to good use by donating them to Good4U, a local charitable organization that [...]

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Condo Flip Done Right – Avenue Magazine

Learn how local real estate agent Danny Fach took a hideous 750-square foot ’80s condo in Renfrew and transformed it into a space we love. We all know that dull 1980s-era condo. Chances are you rented one just like it in your college years. The galley kitchen churned out many a bowl of mac’n’cheese, and the row of oversized bulbs lining the vanity was glamour personified. Local real estate agent, Danny Fach, saw the potential in one of these standard-issue spaces — which are a dime a dozen in Calgary’s hot condo market — and transformed it into a dream [...]

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