Cabinets Manufactured Overseas

To accommodate our larger commercial clients, Zen has an established factory in Vietnam which features an impressive array of machinery, including the j-groove machine . Located in Ho Chi Minh city our sister factory is capable of manufacturing 50 kitchens a day – this means a quick turn around for large and multi-family projects. As soon as an order is completed, it’s shipped to Calgary where it’s finished, assembled and installed by the Zen team.



Manufacturing in Vietnam means we can access an exceptional talent pool of generational cabinet makers and craftsmen. In Vietnam, cabinet making and woodworking are traditions passed on from generation to generation, and they’re acknowledged as some of the best craftspeople in the world. Overseas production is tricky, quality standards vary from country to country. To ensure the process goes smoothly for our customers, Zen employs Canadian representatives in Vietnam ensuring the entire process from manufacture to shipping goes as planned.