Membership in the WPC Canada gives you access to a network of Canadian and global oil and gas industry professionals and knowledge that can help your organization achieve your goals.

<h3><strong style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>Sponsor Members</strong></h3>
<p>The following shall be eligible to become Sponsor Members of the Association upon application to the Secretary-Treasurer and payment of the applicable Sponsor Membership fee.<br />
a) All companies and other entities incorporated under the laws of Canada or any province thereof or registered to carry on business in any province or territory of Canada and engaged in any of the following sectors: Exploration and Production, Petroleum Services, Refining, Marketing, Pipelining, Petrochemicals</p>
<p>b) All Canadian societies and Canadian associations comprised of individuals and/or companies engaged in the petroleum industry and Canadian societies and Canadian associations having a petroleum division or otherwise interested in the activities of the petroleum industry.</p>
<p>c) The Government of Canada and the Governments of all provinces and territories of Canada and their departments and agencies.

Gross Revenue
Annual Fee*

<strong>Designated Representative</strong><br />
Every Sponsor Member and every Associate Member which is not an individual shall participate in the affairs of the Association through a designated representative indicated by written notice to the Secretary-Treasurer and reconfirmed annually at the time of payment of fees.

Associate Members

The following shall be eligible to become Associate Members of the Association upon application to the secretary-Treasurer and payment of the annual Associate Membership fee: Technical societies, individuals, small companies and companies on the periphery of the petroleum industry, affiliates of sponsor members, universities and other organizations active in the petroleum field in Canada.