Concept to completion

10 steps from Concept to Completion…

The kitchen is the heart of your home and we have a full team ready to help you create the kitchen and bathroom you need and desire! This can be stressful, and you must be 100% confident.  Here are a few ways we streamline the process to ease the stress for you.

Concept to completion

  1. Our design team will take you through the hundreds of selections we offer and help you get the look (and more importantly) the function of your kitchen or bathrooms. Take your time with this, no hasty decisions required! Once your selections are complete our designers will come to your home to gather all the required measurements and produce your drawings and 3D renderings. These are extremely helpful in visualizing your new kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Your designs and measurements are double checked by our head designer. A fine-tooth comb can be found on their desk 😉
  3. Once you are happy with the final design and specifications, a final site measure is carried out by our site supervisors and your order is placed and passed onto our manufacturing department.
  4. Then the magic happens! The craftsmen team measures, cuts, builds, sands, glues, stains/paints and your cabinets come to life one by one.
  5. Our scheduling team consults with you to set up a date for delivery and installation.
  6. Our cabinet installation team arrives on the date scheduled and completes the install.  We admit this day will be a bit chaotic for you with people coming in and out with all your new cabinets. It will be so worth it.
  7. Following your cabinetry installation, the granite/quartz team arrives to measure and creates a template for your counter tops.
  8. In 5-7 days your countertops are delivered and installed by our granite installation team.  Now things are really looking good.
  9. Once the granite is installed, our inspection team follow soon after to inspect and schedule any issues that aren’t quite right and finishes up. Then you are onto the rest of your reno/build (we can help you here too with our reno specialist).
  10. Last step and the most important…Enjoying your new space. So worth it!

I know what you are thinking…how many people do I deal with??? Don’t worry, you won’t be shuffled around, the design team is your main contact and will guide you through all of the steps in creating your kitchen or bathroom.


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